Free camping in Arco Idaho.  NO SERVICES ON SITE.  Use at own risk.

                                  DO ME A BIG FAVOR AND DON'T ROCK THE BOAT WITH MY NEIGHBORS.
              I'm not hiding what I'm doing or doing anything illegal but don't need neighbors unhappy either, so please use the pics to find me, email me or whatever but please don't stop at the KOA and ask for directions to the park.

                                             There are four fire pits on the left side of the road near camp sign.

                                       I have made a road around the fire pits to make it easier to find a spot.
                                                              Camp where you want at your own risk.

                                       No length of stay limit, but must be camping, no long term parking.

       Jacks Truck Stop has: Showers ($5), restaurant, bathrooms and publicly owned RV dump and fresh water station in his parking lot.
                     I've also now made a sun heated camp shower arrangement from two 5 gallon jugs painted black, some hose and a nozzle.  You're welcome to clean up/shower with this.

       City of Arco has hardware store, groceries, laundromat and motels within 5 small town blocks of Honeys.

       KOA is next door to Honeys Park.  Honeys is not commercial and if you want full services use the KOA.

       If you need electricity to charge your phones or anything else you may plug into my camper or the power pole.
           DIRECTIONS:  From US 26 or 20 in Arco follow signs to KOA, turn into drive marked 2436 on power pole right next to LDS church parking lot/fence (The building with the steeple 400 feet or so north of KOA).  If on foot/bike/atv from Jacks Truck Stop there are also signs for 'Honeys Park' on a small trail right from the truck stop parking lot.  If I am not home feel free to set up.
           I will provide vehicle support but do ask you to pay for the gas.   I haul 5 gallon jugs for my own water which I will gladly share if you need.  But I am basically camping too so have no more services than I offer to you. 
                                                                            Wi-Fi is also available.

           Please don't bathe in the kiddie pool.  Happened, needed to be said.

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                                                       EMAIL ME DIRECTLY IF YOU NEED CONTACT